Delinking land rights from land use: Impact of certification on migration and land use in rural Mexico

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October 2013
Paper author(s): 
Alain de Janvry
Kyle Emerick
Marco Gonzalez-Navarro
Elisabeth Sadoulet
Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics
Demographic Economics - Migration

This paper conducts an empirical evaluation of the effects of female land rights on labor supply decisions of couples in the Peruvian rural household setting. This essay brings to light the complex effects of partnered women’s bargaining power on time use including labor supply in paid employment, which varies in connection with the specific characteristics of female land rights and the size of the farm. By comparing the main features of farm organization in minifundios (farms between ¼ and 3½ hectares) versus small farms (between 3½ and 10 hectares), this essay shows that the differences in the time allocation patterns of couples in these two farm size categories largely emanate from differences (in determinants and characteristics) in women’s land rights.


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Lacea 2013 annual meeting
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