Research 2021

Title Topic All terms Produced by
The governance of regulators in Latin America: Evidence from the 2018 Indicators on the governance of sector regulators Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Accountability, Latin America, Regulation Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD)
Bajos niveles de lectura en los jóvenes universitarios: un problema estructural. Una explicación desde la teoría de Emile Durkheim Education - Health Education, Education outcomes
The Boom in Corporate Borrowing after the Global Financial Crisis: Different Tales from East Asia and Latin America Financial Economics Debt, Financial crisis The World Bank
The Fiscal Cost of Conflict: Evidence from La Violencia in Colombia Conflict, Crime and Violence, Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Colombia, Conflict and violence, Fiscal policy Banco de la República de Colombia
Conclusions and Recommendations of the Evaluation of Four Decades of Pension Privatization in Latin America: Promises and Reality Labor Labor market, Pensions
El aporte de la biotecnología médica frente a la pandemia de COVID-19 y lecciones para su desarrollo mediante las estrategias nacionales de bioeconomía: estudios de caso de Colombia, Costa Rica y el Uruguay Education - Health Colombia, COVID-19, Health, Uruguay
Causal Machine Learning and Business Decision Making Methodology, Theory Research
Trade Liberalization, Income, and Multidimensional Deprivation in Brazil Globalization - Trade Brazil, Income inequality, Labor market, Poverty, Trade
Self-employment and subjective well-being Labor Life satisfaction, Self-employment
Unemployment insurance in Chile: lessons from a high inequality developing country Labor Chile, Inequality, Latin America, Unemployment London School of Economics
Detecting Drivers of Behavior at an Early Age: Evidence from a Longitudinal Field Experiment Demographic Economics - Migration, Education - Health Behavioral Economics, Skill premium National Bureau of Economic Research
Building an Epidemiology of Happiness Education - Health COVID-19, Health, Life satisfaction National Bureau of Economic Research
Technological Advance, Social Fragmentation and Welfare Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Social protection, Welfare Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Immigration, Crime, and Crime (Mis)Perceptions Conflict, Crime and Violence, Demographic Economics - Migration Crime, Migration Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Does connectivity reduce gender gaps in off farm employment? Evidence from 12 low- and middle-income countries Gender Economics Employment, Gender, Gender wage gap United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN/DESA)
Why Do People Stay Poor? Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Conditional Cash Transfers, Poverty London School of Economics
Large Devaluations and Inflation Inequality: Evidence from Brazil Financial Economics Exchange rates, Inequality, Inflation
The Effect of Gender and Gender Pairing on Bargaining: Evidence from an Artefactual Field Experiment Gender Economics Gender, Gender inequality
Automatización y empleo en Uruguay Labor Human capital, Innovation, Labor market, Skill premium, Uruguay
Labor Earnings Dispersion in Chile: Decomposition, Dynamics and the Role of Firms Labor Chile, Labor market, Labor participation Banco Central de Chile