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Blog: Ramifications of the internationalisation of Brazilian public policy instruments for the rural sector

Carolina Milhorance (Centre for Sustainable Development, University of Brasília - UnB)
June 21, 2021

International organisations and agencies from Western countries are no longer the only ones formulating development standards and international best practices. The proliferation of movements for exporting and importing social, economic and policy management models means it is now more relevant than ever to consider the relationships between countries of the global South. Most recent studies have focused on the drivers and strategies of emerging countries to promote South–South cooperation, while analysis of the impact of such initiatives is still scarce. In her recent book, Milhorance (2019) analyses the content of, processes involved in and consequences of the internationalisation of Brazilian rural public policies since the early 2000s.

Blog: China’s trade with Latin America is bound to keep growing. Here’s why that matters

Pepe Zhang and Tatiana Lacerda Prazeres
June 18, 2021

In the 2000s, Chinese demand drove a commodity supercycle in Latin America, helping dampen the regional spillovers of the 2008 global financial crisis. A decade later, trade with China remained resilient despite the pandemic, providing an important source of external growth for a pandemic-stricken LAC, which accounts for 30% of global COVID mortality and experienced a 7.4% GDP contraction in 2020. In a region with historically strong trade relations with the United States and Europe, China’s growing economic presence has implications for prosperity and geopolitics in LAC and beyond.

Blog: ¿Cuál será el próximo paso de los mercados financieros en la transición de LIBOR?

Federico Galizia y Mariana López Amoros
June 16, 2021

El mundo financiero se encuentra al borde de un cambio de paradigma a medida que intenta desprenderse del dominio del London Interbank Offered Rate, o LIBOR (Tipo interbancario de oferta de Londres), que ha definido el mercado del crédito desde al menos los años ochenta. Como se describe en una entrada de blog reciente, el LIBOR desaparecerá pronto y todo el mercado se está moviendo para encontrar una nueva tasa de referencia.

Working papers: Latest Research

New entries as of June 15, 2021

Blog: Consecuencias de la COVID-19: ¿Qué sucedió en América Latina?

Bas B. Bakker y Carlos Goncalves
June 14, 2021

Si bien se habla mucho de «la vida después de la pandemia» en algunos de los países más ricos del mundo, en varios países de América Latina y el Caribe los fallecimientos diarios por COVID-19 siguen cercanos a los máximos de la pandemia. A diferencia de Estados Unidos y Europa occidental, la cantidad de víctimas diarias en la región ha aumentado a ritmo constante desde la aparición de la pandemia, sin que se hayan presentado grandes olas. América Latina confinó a la población temprano y tiene una distribución demográfica más joven que otras regiones. ¿A qué se debe entonces que las muertes sigan aumentando?

Blog: Fiscal policy to drive the recovery in Latin America: the “when” and “how” are key

Sebastián Nieto-Parra, René Orozco and Sofia Mora (OECD Development Centre)
June 11, 2021

Fiscal policy is at the core of the response to the ongoing crisis and will determine, in large part, how inclusive and strong the recovery will be. To that effect, fiscal policy must help drive a productive transformation generating formal employment, fully leveraging digital transformation and prioritising the environment. This means increasing investment in human and physical capital, including infrastructure, well targeted spending to support the most vulnerable populations and improving the quality of public services. To finance these investments, there needs to be greater resource mobilisation at both national and international levels, which in turn implies greater progressivity of the taxation system, and better tax administration and debt management.

New Video Available: "The Political Economy of State Building in Latin America" LACEA's ASSA-AEA 2021 Invited session

Luis Martinez (Univ. of Chicago), Diana Moreira (Univ. of California David), Leopoldo Fergusson (Univ. de los Andes) and Juan Vargas (Univ. del Rosario)

This invited session feature four papers by top Latin American scholars who are experts on a variety of aspects related to the political economy of state building in different countries of the region. Each paper discuss a different challenge faced by Latin America to build strong states with democratic and inclusive institutions, from the human capital legacy of the chilean dictatorship under Pinochet, to the use of creative clientelistic practices in Colombia, to the failure of an enfranchisement reform in El Salvador due to the control of gangs, to the interaction between research finding and policy change in Brazil.

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