Vox.LACEA provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge on various research topics relevant to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Vox.LACEA ofrece una plataforma para el intercambio de ideas y conocimiento sobre temas de investigación relevantes para América Latina y el Caribe.

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Title: Rethinking reforms. Observations on the IDB Latin America and Caribbean Macro Report 2013. (Repensando las reformas. Observaciones acerca del Informe Macro 2013 para América Latina y el Caribe del BID).
Date: 20 - 25 March, 2013
Keywords: Latin AEconomic Growth, Labor Policy, Social Policy, Labor market, Infrastructure

Title: The redistributive impact of fiscal policies. Presentation of the results from the CEQ - Commitment to Equity Project (El Impacto redistributivo de la política fiscal. Presentación de los resultados del CEQ- Commitment to Equity project)
Date: 2 - 18 April, 2013
Keywords:  Fiscal policy, Social Spending, Inequality, Income Inequality, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay.

Title: Los impuestos como instrumentos de desarrollo (Taxation as a Development Tool)
Date: 18 de junio - 3 de julio, 2013
Keywords: Taxation, Tax Incidente, Welfare, Revenue, Income Tax, Capital gain, Corporate Tax, Social Security Contributions, Progressive and Regressive Taxes, Tax Law, Taxes on Payroll, Taxes on Propoerty, Value Added Tax (IVA), Environmental Taxes, Inequality, Redistribution.

Title: Mejores Pensiones, mejores Trabajos (Better Pensions, Better jobs)
Date: 28 de octubre - 30 de octubre, 2013
Keywords: pensions, labour, formal jobs, informal jobs, informality, social policies, pensions scheme, pension contribution





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