Labor, Demographic Economics and Migration

Title Year All terms Produced by
Religion as an Unemployment Insurance and the Basis of Support for Public Safety Nets: The Case of Latin America and the Caribbean 2016 Innovation, Life satisfaction, Unemployment Inter-American Development Bank
El efecto de la Reforma Laboral de 2012 sobre la dualidad y el empleo: Cambios en la contratación y el despido por tipo de contrato 2016 Labor market, Labor regulation
Local Labor Market Conditions and Crime: Evidence from the Brazilian Trade Liberalization 2016 Crime, Labor market, Trade liberalization Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
El impacto distributivo del salario mínimo en la Argentina, el Brasil, Chile y el Uruguay 2016 Inequality, Latin America, Minimum wage
Can a Small Social Pension Promote Labor Force Participation? Evidence from the Colombia Mayor Program 2016 Colombia, Labor participation, Pensions, Social policy The World Bank
The Effect of Remittances on Labour Supply in the Republic of Haiti 2016 Haiti, Labor supply, Migration, Remittances Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Do Micro-Entrepreneurship Programs Increase Wage-Work? Evidence from Chile 2016 Self-employment, Training, Wages Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills for the Peruvian Labor Market. Addressing Measurement Error through Latent Skills Estimations 2016 Labor market, Peru, Skill premium The World Bank
Job sector choice and public service motivation: evidence from Colombia 2016 Behavioral Economics, Colombia, Human capital Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Out of School and Out of Work. A Diagnostic of Ninis in Latin America 2016 Education, Labor demand, Latin America The World Bank
El ciclo económico y el mercado de trabajo en Colombia: 1984 - 2014 2016 Labor market, Unemployment, Wages Banco de la República de Colombia
The growth-employment-poverty nexus in Latin America in the 2000s 2016 Economic growth, Inequality, Labor market, Latin America, Poverty
Declining Wages for College-Educated Workers in Mexico: Are Younger or Older Cohorts Hurt the Most? 2015 Education, Inequality, Mexico Tulane University
El Empleo Público en América Latina. Evidencia de las encuestas de hogares 2015 Labor participation, Latin America, Public employment, Wages Centro de Estudios Distributivos, Laborales y Sociales (CEDLAS)
Generating formal employement in a context of implantation of the Decent Work Agenda: A review over territories of Bahian identity 2015 Employment, Formal sector, Labor market, Wages
Labor Earnings Dynamics in Post-Stabilization Brazil 2015 Brazil, Labor income São Paulo School of Economics FGV
The Long-term Effects of Conditional Cash Transfers on Child Labor and School Enrollment 2015 Child labor, Conditional Cash Transfers, Education enrollment Getulio Vargas Foundation
Female Labor Force Participation in Latin America: Patterns and Explanations 2015 Gender, Gender wage gap, Labor force, Latin America, Women as head of household Centro de Estudios Distributivos, Laborales y Sociales (CEDLAS)
Long-Term Direct and Spillover Effects of Job Training: Experimental Evidence from Colombia 2015 Colombia, Education, Employment
Long Term Impacts of Vouchers for Vocational Training: Experimental Evidence for Colombia 2015 Human capital, Labor market, Productivity, Skill premium, Training Banco de la República de Colombia