Labor, Demographic Economics and Migration

Title Year All terms Produced by
Formación para el trabajo en Colombia 2012 Colombia, Education, Job training programs Banco de la República de Colombia
Producing higher quality jobs: enforcement of mandated benefits across Brazilian cities between 1996-2007 2013 Brazil, Informality, Labor regulation
Employment and Labor Regulation: Evidence from Manufacturing Firms in Bolivia, 1988-2007 2012 Instituto de Estudios Avanzados en Desarrollo (INESAD)
Self employment in developing countries: a search-equilibrium approach 2013 Informality, Job search, Latin America, Self-employment Universidade de São Paulo
Employment and labor regulation: evidence from manufacturing firms in Bolivia, 1988-2007 2012 Job flows, Labor demand, Labor regulation Instituto de Estudios Avanzados en Desarrollo (INESAD)
Can matching frictions explain the increase in mexican unemployment after 2009? 2013 Business cycles, Employment, Labor demand, Mexico
From the lost decade to the lost reform: the "Washington Consensus" and labor market reform in Latin America 2013 Informality, Labor market, Labor policies, Latin America, Washington Consensus
How can job opportunities for young people in Latin America be improved? 2013 Employment, Government Programs, Social policy
Labor informality and business cycles in emerging economies 2013 Business cycles, Emerging markets, Labor market
Macroeconomic fluctuations and forward yield curve 2013 Assets, Economic cycle
Informal employment, income distribution and fiscal policy 2013 Colombia, Income distribution, Taxation
Non-labor income and real wages over the business cycle in Colombia 2013 Colombia, Employment, Labor income
Tax transfers schemes, informality and search frictions in a small open economy 2013 Job search, Labor market, Labor policies
How local are labor markets? Evidence from a spatial job search model 2013 Job search, Labor market, Local employment
Is entrepreneurship inherited? A study of intergenerational mobility in Mexico 2013 Entrepreneurship, Formal sector, Mexico, Social Mobility
Race and marriage in the labor market: a discrimination audit study in a developing country 2013 Discrimination, Gender, Labor market, Mexico
The effects of savings on risk-taking and intertemporal choice behavior 2013 Banking, Behavioral Economics, Saving
The effect of trade and FDI on inter-industry wage differentials: the case of Mexico 2013 Foreign Direct Investment, Mexico, Trade liberalization, Wage inequality
Triple penalty in employment access: the roles of beauty, race, and sex 2013 Discrimination, Gender, Labor market, Peru
The pay-off of identity-enhancing human resource management practices: theory and evidence from Latin America 2013 Human capital, Labor market, Latin America