Labor, Demographic Economics and Migration

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Is entrepreneurship inherited? A study of intergenerational mobility in Mexico 2013 Entrepreneurship, Formal sector, Mexico, Social Mobility
Race and marriage in the labor market: a discrimination audit study in a developing country 2013 Discrimination, Gender, Labor market, Mexico
The effects of savings on risk-taking and intertemporal choice behavior 2013 Banking, Behavioral Economics, Saving
The effect of trade and FDI on inter-industry wage differentials: the case of Mexico 2013 Foreign Direct Investment, Mexico, Trade liberalization, Wage inequality
Triple penalty in employment access: the roles of beauty, race, and sex 2013 Discrimination, Gender, Labor market, Peru
The pay-off of identity-enhancing human resource management practices: theory and evidence from Latin America 2013 Human capital, Labor market, Latin America
Female land rights and the division of labor between spouses in rural farms in Peru 2013 Gender, Labor supply, Land use
Worker-level adjustment costs in a developing country: evidence from Mexico 2013 Labor market, Labor supply, Mexico
Working and caring. The simultaneous decision of labor force participation, informal long-term care and childcare services in Mexico 2013 Gender, Labor participation, Mexico
Male labor force participation and social security in Mexico 2013 Elderly, Labor participation, Mexico, Retirement, Social security
Immigration enforcement and remittances 2013 Mexico, Migration, Remittances
Double penalty in returns to education: informality and educational mismatch in the Colombian labour market 2013
Young businesses, entrepreneurship, and the dynamics of employment and output in Colombia's manufacturing industry 2013 Colombia, Entrepreneurship, Industry, Private sector
Lured in and crowded out? Estimating the impact of immigration on natives' education using early 20th century US immigration 2013 Education, Education enrollment, Human capital
Human capital and labor informality in developing countries 2013 Education, Employment, Human capital, Informality
Homicide and work: the impact of Mexico's drug war on labor market participation 2013 Crime, Illicit drugs production and trafficking, Labor force, Mexico
Inequality and household labor supply 2013 Employment, Gender inequality, Wage inequality
The dynamic role of specific experience in the selection of self-employment versus wage employment 2013 Chile, Employment, Job mobility, Self-employment
Labour market, reading skills and gender large scale assessment of reading literacy for Chile 2013 Chile, Education, Human capital, Labor market
Assessing the distributive effects of the minimum wage 2013 Employment, Minimum wage, Uruguay, Wage inequality