Satellite Culture Account for Uruguay: Visual and Plastic Arts Sector

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Association for Cultural Economics International - ACEI
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November 2013
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Carolina Asuaga (Universidad de la República, Uruguay)
Fanny Trylesinski (Universidad de la República, Uruguay)
Gabriela Medeiros (Universidad de la República, Uruguay)
Microeconomics, Competition and Productivity

Implementing a Culture Satellite Account (CSA) is a pioneering feature to measure the economic impact of the cultural sector. The first countries to have one were Chile and Colombia, followed by Finland and Spain in 2009. Uruguay has completed its CSA through a research done by the University of the Republic, upon the request of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

This paper shows the estimation of the Visual and Plastic Arts sector included in the CSA. The estimated variables are production and generation of income accounts, the exports and employment, using as a main theoretical framework the Methodological Manual for the implementation of the CSA of the agreement Andrés Bello (CAB, 2009).

This sector is one of the most complex ones, since the primary market (formed by the first transaction of the work) operates with a high level of informality, specially regarding sales done by the artists themselves. However, with a systematic methodology in which the results are obtained considering both offer and demand, it is possible to estimate a peculiar and interesting sector such as the Visual and Plastic Arts.



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